Mari Pohorya


 I’m Maria massage therapist 

 I’m engaged in a business that brings me pleasure, I’m very glad to meet new people, glad to be useful and make your well-being health and mood better 

 I have been living in Reykjavik for more than six months, I am from Ukraine 🇺🇦  I love my country very much and hope for the best 🙏

But I’m starting to fall in love with your beautiful little Island 🇮🇸 and I’m happy among such kind, sincere and open people 

 Massage for me is a space for creativity, communication with people and the results of clients inspire and motivate!

 There is no limit to perfection, therefore I’m always in the process of obtaining new knowledge, practices, techniques and approaches.

 I offer Classic, relaxing and deep massages.

Appointments for a massage, write or call +3546189465



  I’ll be waiting for you for a massage and a cup of fragrant tea ☕️

  Take care of your body so that the soul lives in it!

  With care for you “Massage time” ❤️

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