Tónheilun – Sound Therapy – næst 28. september


  • Dagsetning: 28. september  2022
  • Vikudagur: Miðvikudagur
  • Tími: 20:00 – 21:00
  • Verð: 4900 (20% afsláttur fyrir áskrifendur Yoga&Heilsu)
  • Kennari: Greta Jokubauskaite og Daniele Nutolo.

Greta Jokubauskaite og Daniele Nutolo munu leiða okkur í gegnum dásamlega Tónheilun með nærandi hljómum úr fjölmörgum söngskálum. Tónarnir, titringurinn og hugleiðslan geta hjálpað okkur að ná djúpri og nærandi slökun fyrir taugakerfið okkar og þar með hjálpað okkur að ná dýpri tengingu inn á við.

Kennslan fer fram á ensku, sjá nánar hér undir á ensku um tímann:

Anxiety, sadness, anger, worries, laziness, are only few of the causes of stress that could block our energy and threat our happiness. When we identify ourselves with these emotions we immediately brake the connection with our higher self, losing the clear perception of what we are. 

That’s why it’s important to take some time to observe objectively how we feel and heal. 

This event is designed specifically to reconnect you towards your optimal physical-emotional condition, bringing you in a state of total awareness, Here and Now. 

How does it work? 

The session will begin by lying down on the yoga mat and finding the most comfortable position possible. 

From this point the therapist will begin a work of sensory and body awareness through breathing and imagination exercises. 

You will be guided by the therapist through a meditation in which the sound of the healing bowls will have a calming and extremely regenerative effect on your mind, leading you through deep mental states, where you will have the opportunity to meet your inner self and expand your consciousness to a higher level. 

Furthermore, the vibration generated by the gongs will be crossing the space around and inside of you, deeply stimulating tissues, rebalancing your body’s cellular structure and freeing yourself from stress and any other emotional blockages that obscures your pure vitality.

 At the end you will be gently guided by the healer in order to slowly come back to your new self with clean energy and restored awareness. 

Greta Jokubauskaite is a physiotherapist from Lithuania. After her graduation she moved to Denmark where she started her professional path as body therapist. Through the years of work she entered more and more into holistic practices, combining physical massage with meditation, yoga Nidra and Sound Healing and reaching a more complex, holistic way of healing.

Daniele Nutolo is an Italian sound therapist and masseur. His primary education takes place between India, Nepal and Thailand, where he specializes in Ayurveda, Thai massage and several other massage techniques. In Nepal, 2017, he began his journey in sound therapy through the teachings of his nada yoga master. In recent years he has customized his technique by providing sound therapies to hundreds of people in Italy, Iceland and Denmark. Among his collateral passions we find theater, travel and photography.